Why do I need a Fuelcard?

Save Time and Money

Whether you run a large fleet or a small business, keeping the fuel receipts and filling out the expense account takes time and management.

Business Fuel Card 

Accounts help you manage your fuel expense with ease and keep track of your fleet . Fuel Cards are accepted 24/7 at most service stations nationwide and if you apply online you get BIG discounts!

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Fixed Contract on Our Cards
  • European and UK Fuel Cards Available

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Business Fuel Cards

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Can I cancel my card at anytime?

We strive to be transparent with our customers because we value their relationship and business. At any time, if you feel that your cards no longer serve any business purpose for your organization, you can cancel your account and cards easily. There are no long term contracts and cancellation is a straight-forward process.

Our representatives have exhaustive knowledge of all the company fuel card offerings that are available on our website, and they are eager to support your business in any way they can.

Which fuel card is the most appropriate card for my business?

Whether you are a small business with a single vehicle or a large business operating a fleet of vehicles, a carefully chosen fuel card should always provide you benefits in terms of better pricing for fuel, a centralised management of fuel receipts and expenses, and easier VAT reclamation.

However, there is no single best card that is appropriate for every business. For some businesses, a shell card may do well while for other businesses an Esso card may fulfil the business needs.

Not only will you be able to choose a card that works for your business, but you will also learn a lot more about fuel cards than you would have otherwise known. Contact one of our experts today to chart out a new course for your business's fuelling requirements.

Does your ‘online account management system’ offer management reports?

The best part about our fuel cards is that they can be managed online, at the click of a mouse. We have implemented a state of the art technology system and we proudly call it the 'online account management' system (OLAM). This system is very robust, stable and secure and allows you seamless access into your entire account history, fuel transactions and invoices in real-time . Infact, you could order new fuel cards, stop existing ones or request for historical data from within this account management system. The OLAM system, as we call it, offers continuous and full control over your account on a 24x7 basis. Any assistance you need is just a click away.

How secure are fuel cards?

By their inherent nature, fuel cards are designed to be as secure as you want them to be. Most fuel cards come with unique personal identifier numbers (PIN), and unless you know the PIN number of the fuel card, you cannot fill your fuel tank. Additionally, we offer a 'zero liability' add-on option on all our fuel card offerings. This feature comes in handy in cases of fuel card loss or fuel card theft. We also suggest taking generic precautions while handling fuel cards, similar to any other financial instrument you have eg debit or credit cards.

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